Modbus sensors & accessories

The Modbus RTU interface simplifies the installation of the professional Lambrecht meteo sensors. The wind, precipitation and weather sensors with Modbus RTU can also be integrated quickly and easily into your network.

Modbus Weather Solutions · for every need

Modbus Weather Solutions
for every need

From planning to weather station

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Industrial Weather Station · Modbus

Industrial Weather Station

Your connection to the industrial world

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Modbus · Traverse system

Traverse system

The intelligent and flexible solution

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u[sonic] Modbus · Ultrasonic wind sensor

u[sonic] Modbus
Ultrasonic wind sensor

Simplified installation with Modbus

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u[sonic]WS6 Modbus · Weather sensor

u[sonic]WS6 Modbus
Weather sensor

Multi parameter sensor with Modbus

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u[sonic]WS7 Modbus · Weather sensor

u[sonic]WS7 Modbus
Weather sensor

The user-friendly all-in-one solution

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ARCO-Modbus · Wind sensor

Wind sensor

The robust combined sensor

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Pt-Modbus Converter ·

Pt-Modbus Converter

From analog signal to industry standard

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PRO-Modbus · Wind speed sensors

Wind speed sensors

Extremely robust and with Modbus RTU

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INDUSTRY Modbus · Wind direction sensor

Wind direction sensor

Robust, seawater-proof materials

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THP[pro] Modbus · Temperature-Humidity-Pressure Sensor

THP[pro] Modbus
Temperature-Humidity-Pressure Sensor

High accuracy and energy-saving electronics

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sun[e] Modbus · PYRANOMETER

sun[e] Modbus

Digital “Secondary Standard” Pyranometer

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16131.5-Modbus · PYRANOMETER


“First Class” Pyranometer

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16103-Modbus · Pyranometer


ISO 9060 "Second Class"

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