Wind sensors for wind turbines all over the world

When it comes to wind turbines, durability, reliability, and yield optimization are the three most important factors. Sensors from Lambrecht meteo ensure you know the exact conditions at your wind farm in real time. No matter where you’re harnessing the power of wind - offshore, on the coast, in the desert, or in any variety of extreme weather conditions - our products can help you maximize your turbines.

Reliable weather data, Industry-best hardware

Our wind and weather sensors are extremely robust and maintenance-free. Their proven long-term stability guarantees a long service life even under extreme weather conditions.

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rain[e]observer · Advanced technology for precipitation detection

Providing uncompromising product quality, the rain[e]observer combines the most innovative technologies for precipitation detection and measurement in one complete system.

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Lambrecht meteo, an AEM brand, develops and manufactures world-class meteorological sensors and measurement solutions for wind, precipitation, pressure, temperature, and humidity serving various classical meteorological and highly specific environmental and industrial end-markets. Our highest goal is to deliver state-of-the-art sensors and customer-friendly complete measurement solutions including data acquisition, maintenance, and service. With our products and the portfolio of the AEM family of innovative brands, we aim to be a globally established brand and to provide a wide range of meteorological applications with flexible and high-quality solutions for our customers’ weather measurement tasks.


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