Pollen Monitor      Hund

Information about pollen flight is very important for people suffering from pollen allergy. The knowledge of when and which pollen is flying helps those who suffer from pollen to take protective steps in advance.

Helmut Hund GmbH in Wetzlar, a company specialized in medical and environmental measurement technology, has developed an automatic system that allows pollen measurements to be performed almost in real time. This is a great advantage for allergy sufferers, as they can see online how high the current pollen load is.

The data are available on the homepage of Hund GmbH: Pollen monitor of the company Hund.

We are very pleased about the cooperation with Helmut Hund GmbH. Initially, the focus is on the filter monitoring sensor TM-F from Hund, which can be used together with our data management system Ser[LOG] for process monitoring of climate and ventilation. On the photo you can see our weather sensor EOLOS on top of the mast of the pollen monitor BAA500.


Pollenmonitor BAA500 mit EOLOS

 (© Helmut Hund GmbH, Wetzlar)