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Pt-Modbus Converter


  • Industry
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From analog signal to industry standard

The Pt100- and the Pt1000-Modbus converter acquire the measuring signal of a Pt100 resp. Pt1000 temperature sensor and make the measured value available for interrogation via Modbus RTU (RS485). Due to the simple address assignment from 1...99 by code switches, up to 99 temperature sensors can be quickly integrated into a bus. Like the other Lambrecht Modbus RTU sensors, the Pt-Modbus converter also have autoconfiguration registers (mapping). Thus they can be automatically recognized by the data logger met[LOG] and created for the measurement with just one push of a button.

Professional Line
Pt-Modbus Converter
00.08790.000000 (Pt100 Modbus Converter) · 00.08790.010000 (Pt1000 Modbus Converter)
Measuring range:
-40 ... +80 °C
Signal input:
1,5 kV
Sensor supply Pt100:
1 mA
RS485 bus:
no galvanic isolation
Address switch:
2 address switches for 10 + 1 · max. bus users: 99
Measuring rate:
1 measurement/s
Environmental conditions:
-40...+80 °C
Power supply:
50 Hz (1 min.)
Supply voltage:
18...30 VDC
Max. power consumption at 24 VDC:
300 mW
Max. line resistance:
10 Ohm/line
DIN rail 35 mm, EN 50022
Software protocol:
Data format:
19200, 8, E, 1
6,2 x 92 x 101 mm
Protection class:
IP 20
approx. 30 g
EMC standards / Electrical safety:
EN 61326, EN 55011, CISPR11 Kl. B, EN 61010-1
Connection technology:
4-wire, screw terminals, conductor cross section max. 2.5 mm2
Connectable to:
Connectable Lambrecht meteo temperature sensors (Pt100):
00.08290.000030: Module temperature sensor
00.08280.010507: Air, soil and water thermometer Pt100, 1/3 DIN
00.08281.008005: Air temperature sensor Pt100, 1/3 DIN
00.08241.000000: Grass temperature sensor with protection device
Grass temperature sensor 8241 · Grass temperature sensor 8241

are the objects to be measured and the starting point for the right choice of sensors. Sensor (8241), which includes radiation protection and a mounting rod, is best suited for measuring temperatures about 5 cm above ground (grass level). 

  • World-wide popular standard measuring elements
  • Robust and corrosion resistant through stainless steel housing
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