Analog outputGlobal RadiationModbus RTU
16103-Modbus · Pyranometer




  • professional meteorological applications
  • building automation
  • photovoltaic systems
  • industrial meteorology

ISO 9060 "Second Class"

Meets the requirements of ISO 9060 "Second Class". The 16103-Modbus pyranometer is ideal for solar radiation measurements in meteorological networks and PV monitoring systems. It measures solar radiation received by a plane surface, in W/m2, from a 180° field of view angle. The 16103-Modbus employs a thermopile sensor with black coated surface, one dome and an anodised aluminium body with visible bubble level.

  • ISO 9060 "Second Class"
  • with Modbus over RS485 and analogue 0-1 V output
  • easy mounting and levelling
  • ideal for PV power plant monitoring
Professional Line
Measuring range:
0...2000 W/m2 • global radiation within a range of 285...3000 nm
Directional answer:
< ± 25 W/m2
0.2 W/m2
Response time:
< 18 s (95 %)
< ± 1 % (100...1000 W/m2)
Modbus RTU (RS485) • analogue output 0-1 V
Range of application:
-40...+80 °C
Supply voltage:
24 V (5...30 VDC)
Power consumption:
75 mW
Measuring elements:
thermopile with high-quality thermo-electric cells
Measuring principle:
approx. Ø 56 mm (without plug) · H 80 mm (without adapter)
Protection class:
IP 67
approx. 0.3 kg
ISO 9060 „Second Class“ • Certificate of Sensitivity (included) • ISO 9847
Accessories (order separately):
32.14567.060010 sensor cable, 15 m, 4 pole, M12 plug
32.14567.060000 sensor cable, 12 m, 4 pole, M12 plug
32.14627.006000 Ball Level for mounting on traverse system 14627
32.16103.500010 Ball Level Set for tube and panel mounting
met[LOG] with met[APP] · Data loggermet[LOG] with met[APP] Data logger

The data logger met[LOG] and its browser app met[app] quickly and easily transfer your climate data into your network (LAN). The met[LOG] has an autoconfiguration via plug & play for the uncomplicated commissioning of the serial LAMBRECHT meteo sensors.


The browser app which is integrated in the met[LOG] for easy visualisation of the current climate data in your network. Platform-independent on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

  • displays the instantaneous values of your LAMBRECHT meteo station
  • exports the measured values stored by the met[LOG]
  • configures the met[LOG]

Features and advantages:

  • real-time access to measurement data via integrated web server, visualised in your browser with met[APP]
  • met[LOG] calculates trends and patterns, and automatically performs corrections based on altitude and air pressure
  • thanks to its digital outputs the met[LOG] immediately issues a warning or raises an alarm
  • plug & play · auto-configuration by push of a button allows full working capability within seconds
  • various combinations are possible: 7 interfaces allow connection of 4 analog and 3 serial sensors
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Ser[LOG] · Data loggerSer[LOG] Data logger

The Ser[LOG] system family allows you the greatest possible freedom for customizing your measurement tasks: extensibility due to modular design,  high flexibility due to a variety of configuration options and many possibilities through state-of-the- art communication interfaces

Ser[LOG] can be extended to a total of 3 AnDiMod analog/digital measuring modules. Available then up to 36 differential analog channels and 11 digital channels.

  • extensive sensor library
  • formulary and free formula parser
  • integrated alarm system for 10 alarm outputs via built-in and external relays, email, SMS
  • interference-proof due to high-quality, shielded aluminium housing
  • user-friendly with free access to all connections and controls
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