Class A Photovoltaic Monitoring System IEC 61724-1

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Class A Photovoltaic Monitoring System IEC 61724-1 ·

Class A Photovoltaic Monitoring System IEC 61724-1


  • PV utility scale plant

with Phoenix Contact

The PV monitoring system solution was developed in cooperation with Phoenix Contact.

Your benefits:

  • Easy to integrate into your system by using the Modbus industry standard. 
  • Much more communication possibilities with the Phoenix Contact data acquisition.
  • We also provide sensor solutions for classes B and C.

The Phoenix Contact weather data acquisition system is a part of Seamless Park-management, but it can be also implemented as an independent system. With Lambrecht meteo’s meteorological MODBUS-sensor portfolio, Phoenix Contact can offer you compact weather station solutions customized to your individual needs. Lambrecht meteo sensors can be integrated directly into the Phoenix control system, as they correspond to IEC 61724-1, Class A (highest precision). This makes it a perfect system for PV utility scale plants.

The system is ready to use, with an optional datalogger and a software package by Phoenix Contact. The datalogger provides different interfaces for the communication to a higher-level system, by default via Modbus TCP/IP or Profinet.

Communication of sensor data is enabled by an RS485 interface through Modbus. The smooth and seamless cooperation between the Lambrecht meteo sensors is ensured by the shared MODBUS communication configuration and the start-up is simplified by the auto-configuration function. The connection is secured via Phoenix Contact M12-connectors, which meet the highest industrial standards. Using the Y-Distributor, a daisy chain connection is easily achieved.

With the Phoenix Contact weather station, you are always informed about the efficiency of your system.