Precipitation measurement with solar power

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rain[e]solar Station


Precipitation measurement with solar power


  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Flood warning
  • Public safety and storm response
  • Meteorological and hydrological applications

Self-contained precipitation measurement station with solar energy

Weighing precipitation sensor rain[e]LP

The rain[e]solar automated weather station captures and processes precipitation data in any area, no matter how remote, without a power supply. Precipitation amount and intensity are precisely measured by the rain[e]LP. Due to its extremely low power consumption, this weighing precipitation sensor is ideal for long-term use at solar-powered and battery-powered measuring stations.

Data logger Ser[LOG]

Ser[LOG] is a scalable communication platform for professional meteorological data acquisition and data processing. The Ser[LOG] gathers your weather data in one place and visualizes it in real-time.

Software FTS360 (optional)

FTS360 is a GDPR-compliant and reliable cloud-based IoT platform for users who want to set up, configure, and manage their own platform. Users can view and process sensor and station data, camera images, and videos.


Benefits rain[e]solar
  • The sensitive weighing measuring principle of the rain[e]LP enables the measurement of each individual drop of precipitation with the resolution of 0.001 mm/m2.
  • Ser[LOG] provides data acquisition and processing with minimal effort and great flexibility.
  • The edge-to-cloud data security of the FTS360 software protects your data and privacy. No personal user data is collected.


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Professional Line
Included in delivery:
For devices, see "Accessories" and "Data loggers"
Mast for precipitation sensor, steel sheet housing, solar panel with charge controller, modem set, bird defense ring, sensor cable
Options (order separately):
FTS360 Software (GDPR-compliant, cloud-based IoT platform); see under "Accessories"
rain[e]LP · Weighing precipitation sensorrain[e]LP Weighing precipitation sensor

rain[e] is a new type of weighing precipitation sensor: Highest resolution combined with the most compact design. The Low Power (LP) version of the sensor is the ideal choice for solar or battery powered applications. The unique self-emptying collection system enables the measurement of every single drop with the high resolution of 0.001 mm/m2. Full functionality all year around without antifreeze fluid makes the rain[e] very environmentally friendly.

rain[e]LP is easy to lift, transport, install and maintain. The small packing volume and the low weight ensure minimum logistical effort. The rain[e] series is compatible with OTT and Campbell Scientific data loggers and ideal for setup and expansion of rainfall measurement networks.

  • Amazing resolution and precision
  • Verification of precipitation sensors with tipping bucket and other weighing systems
  • Compact and rugged design with very light weight
  • All-metal housing, weatherproof and durable
  • Easy installation and maintenance


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FTS360 · Complete software solutionFTS360 Complete software solution

Extreme weather events continue to increase in frequency, intensity, and duration. Protecting lives, property and business continuity requires real-time situational awareness along the entire event lifecycle, from prevention and preparedness, to detection and response, to rehabilitation and recovery.

Curated data, reports, and alerts 

FTS360 is a secure and reliable cloud based IoT platform that allow users to view and curate sensor and station data, camera images and video. It provides a customizable, agile programming environment for advanced calculations, intelligent alerting, and full configuration capabilities.

Security and privacy

  • Edge to cloud data security protects your data and privacy
  • Devices and users have encrypted login credentials
  • GDPR compliant, no personal user data is collected



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Ser[LOG] · Data loggerSer[LOG] Data logger

The Ser[LOG] collects your weather data (wind, precipitation, air temperature, relative humidity, air pressure and radiation) in a single place and provides real-time visualization. The Ser[LOG] Commander management app gives you maximum freedom to customize your measurement tasks. 


  • Collect and process up to 60 measured values with Modbus RTU
  • Up to 32 Modbus TCP connections with sensors from other manufacturers
  • Alarm system for 10 warning channels using built-in and external relays (e-mail, SMS)
  • Extensive sensor library
  • Formulary and free formula parser
  • Interference-proof due to high-quality, shielded aluminium housing
  • User-friendly with free access to all connections and controls
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