Sensor shelter

with artificial ventilation

Sensor shelter · with artificial ventilation

Sensor shelter

with artificial ventilation


  • Agricultural meteorology
  • Industry and hydrology
  • Artificial snow
  • Traffic meteorology
  • Building services

With ventilation system

This artificially ventilated sensor shelter is designed for universal use with relative hu­midity and air temperature measuring instru­ments. The ventilation system draws ambient air and conveys it through the sensor. Possible measuring errors caused by direct or reflected radiation, especially during calm, will be avoided.

  • Artificial ventilation of the sensors
  • No recirculation of the heated air into the ventilation circuit
  • Light and radiation transmittance almost eliminated
  • UV and weather resistant material
  • Extremely robust with improved lamella system
  • Universally applicable for different sensors
  • Easy installation including mounting material for different masts
Professional Line
Sensor shelter
Range of application:
-40...+70 °C
Supply voltage:
9.5...13.2 VDC
Power consumption:
1.4 W (max. 1.8 W)
Ø 150 mm, Height: 395 mm (incl. mounting)
Amount of lamellas:
Protection class:
IP 68
1.4 kg
Included in delivery:
Srewing for sensor diameter 14...21 mm
Options (order separately):
32.08141.001010: Adapter for sensor diameter 5 mm
67.26010.540100: Screwing for sensor diameter 18...25 mm
THP[pro]SDI-12 · Temperature-Humidity-Pressure SensorTHP[pro]SDI-12 Temperature-Humidity-Pressure Sensor

The sensor THP[pro]SDI-12 is a combined measuring instrument for measuring relative humidity, air temperature and air pressure. It is perfectly suited for use in all climatic zones. The sensor is characterized by high accuracy and energy-saving electronics.

  • Combined measuring device for demanding applications
  • Capacitive humidity measuring element
  • Minimal maintenance and easy to service
  • Suitable sensor protection housing type 8141.6 (recommended option)
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THP[pro] Modbus · Temperature-Humidity-Pressure SensorTHP[pro] Modbus Temperature-Humidity-Pressure Sensor

The sensor THP[pro] Modbus is a combined measuring instrument for measuring relative humidity, air temperature and air pressure. The sensor is characterised by high accuracy and energy-saving electronics. The Modbus RTU interface simplifies
sensor installation and integration into networks.

  • Combined measuring instrument for high-quality use
  • Capacitive humidity measuring element
  • Low maintenance
  • Signal output: RS 485 • Modbus
  • For use in all climatic zones
  • Suitable sensor shelter type 8141.6 (recommended option)
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