Wilhelm Lambrecht started his precision mechanics workshop in July 1859, his name became synonymous with outstanding quality. Today, we carry on his legacy as we stand for this quality and can proudly call ourselves the world's most experienced manufacturer and specialist in meteorological measurement technology.

LAMBRECHT meteo is a young company that has been outsourced in 2015 from the traditional Wilh. Lambrecht GmbH. Behind this stands a team of dedicated and competent employees and experts that is active in the market of meteorological measuring technique since many years.

Team Vertrieb mit SensorenEntwicklung

In-home innovations 

Innovations for weather and climate measurement arise in our development, such as our ultrasonic wind sensor u[sonic], our weighing precipation sensor rain[e]H3 and our data logger Ser[LOG].

   u[sonic]         rain[e]H3           Ser[LOG]Plus   

LAMBRECHT for quality and safety

Every Lambrecht product is tested for statutory and internal requrements. Our quality standards are ony fulfilled if each product meets the optimum measuring accuracy and quality. To achieve this, our products undergo endurance tests and daily analysis on our premises.

Sensoren Dach 2 Sensoren Dach 2

Service and extras

  • factory test certificates, factory calibration and calibration certificates
  • individual goods inspections and also acc. to international regulations
  • FAT, HAT and SAT services
  • captive wind tunnel for calibrations
  • cost-effective maintenances and calibrations

Worldwide trading and distribution network

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