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Large-size barograph (292)

The baron among the Barographs ...

is scientifically tested and proven. The carefully aged set of nine capsules as the measuring element and the wide drum with clock­work are protected by a plexi­glass dome. These precision parts guarantee a high resolution as well as exact documentation. All variants are usable in a wide application range. Depending on the location, four adjustable pressure measuring ranges (106.7 hPa each) are available. High flexibility concerning the location of measurement makes the worldwide use of the barograph possible.

  • independant of mains power and manipulation proof
  • wider drum (160 mm), high resolution
  • pressure measuring element with overload protection for transport up to 2700 m altitude
  • highly precise and application oriented


Sensor for air pressure mechanical sensor Longevity

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Daniel Dreilich
+49 551 4958-395
  Large-size barograph (292)
Accuracy ± 0.2 hPa of measuring value
Dimensions 462 x 192 x 260 mm
Weight approx. 7.8 kg
Accessories Felt-tipped pens • Graph paper