Air Temperature Sensor (8281)

Pt temperature sensor
Air Temperature Sensor (8281) ·

Air Temperature Sensor (8281)


  • Meteorology
  • Environmental measurement
  • Building services engineering
  • Climate monitoring
  • Industry

Reliable with Pt100

The temperature sensor (8281) registers ambient temperature by a temperature dependent resistor (thin fi lm platinum
resistance). The sensor shelter (8141.6) protects the sensor against unmeant weather infl uences like precipitation and solar radiation.

Professional Line
Air Temperature Sensor (8281)
Meas. range air temperature:
-30...+70 °C
Accuracy air temperature:
± 0.1 °C at 0 °C
Pt100 resistor • 100 Ohm at 0 °C
Range of application:
-60...+90 °C
Measuring elements:
Pt100, 1/3 DIN, DIN 43 760 resp. IEC 751
Length 120 mm • Ø 5 mm
approx. 7.5 m • 4 x AWG 20 C UL sw
Accessories (order separately):
00.08141.600000: Sensor shelter (8141.6)
32.08141.001010: Adapter
Sensor shelter · with natural ventilationSensor shelter with natural ventilation

For all weathers and for protection against radiation the sensor shelter with natural ventilation is designed for universal use with relative hu­midity and air temperature measuring instru­ments.

  • Natural ventilation of the sensors
  • No recirculation of the heated air into the ventilation circuit
  • Light and radiation transmittance almost eliminated
  • UV and weather resistant material
  • Extremely robust with improved lamella system
  • Universally applicable for different sensors
  • Easy installation including mounting material for different masts
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