Sunshine duration sensor

Sunshine duration sensorProfessional


Sunshine duration sensor


  • agricultural meteorology
  • weather services for climate charts and tourist information
  • health care
  • climate categorization of health resorts
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in the form of sunshine trigger the three identical sensor elements' quick response. The elements themselves are absolutely immovable and thus guarantee maintenance-free operation, extreme robustness and longevity. Aligned to the nearest pole - the sensor is easy to install at all latitudes. In ice and snow, the system's two-phase heating is controlled externally or by an internal thermostat. The amount of sunny hours per day is of particular importance both for the growth of plants and for human well-being.

  • stable glass cylinder for sensor protection
  • waterproof cable plug connection for safe application
  • innovative humidity indicator for easy handling
Professional Line
00.16203.110 004 (16203) Sunshine duration sensor: technical data like above, but with integrated thermostat for heating control • heating level 2 on at < 6 ± 3 °C • heating level 2 off at > 14 ± 3 °C
Range of application:
temperatures -40...+70 °C
IP 67 • glass cylinder • dimensions approx. L 294 mm - Ø max. 72.5 mm • incl. cable with 15 m length and 8 pole plug • 2 drying cartridges • specific test report
approx. 0.9 kg
Measuring elements:
3 photodiodes • photoelectric
CE 89/336/EEC • 73/23/EEC
Measuring range:
sunshine yes or no • spectral range 400...1100 nm
Power consumption:
supply voltage of 12 VDC • without heating: < 0.1 W • at heating level 1 for defrosting of dew: 1 W ± 0.1 W (nominal) • at heating level 2 for melting of snow: 10 W ± 1 W (nominal)
Ser[LOG]Plus Data logger

Outstanding versatility and performance for your professional meteorological data acquisition. Ser[LOG]Plus is more than just a data logger: Due to its versatility by configuration and scaling you can adjust Ser[LOG]Plus to the specific challenges of your daily measurement tasks.

Ser[LOG]Plus is multi functional and grows with its requirements: The data logger can be expanded to a total of 3 measuring modules and processes up to 60 parameters. Ser[LOG]Plus is particularly communicative: up to 30 data transmissions at the same time are possible.

  • extensive sensor library, freely configurable and scalable by user
  • formulary and free formula parser
  • integrated alarm system for 10 alarm outputs via built-in and external relays, email, SMS
  • various possibilities of information exchange
  • EMI resistant by shielded aluminium housing and user-friendly with free access to all connections and controls
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