Air pressure sensor

RobustMetal materialAnalog output
8128 · Air pressure sensor


Air pressure sensor


  • Cruise ships
  • Weather stations
  • Helipads
  • Professional meteorology, e.g. at airports
  • Industrial applications
  • Development

Efficient and cost-effective

The favorable ratio between performance and costs is remarkable. As part of automatic weather stations, in altitudes of up to 3200 m, the sensor precisely reacts to any change in air pressure. The robust housing facilitates trouble-free outdoor application.

  • Cost-effective
  • Power saving
  • Analog output signal
  • Factory test certificate included
  • High quality microprocessor technology
Professional Line
00.08128.085072: 600...1100 hPa
00.08128.095072: 800...1100 hPa
± 0.3 hPa within the range 800...1100 hPa • 20 °C
± 0.5 hPa within the range 600...1100 hPa • 20 °C
0.01 hPa
Long-term stability:
0.1 hPa/ year
0...5 VDC
Range of application:
altitude 0...3200 m • temperatures -40...+60 °C
Supply voltage:
9.5...28 VDC
Power consumption:
3 mA
Measuring elements:
pressure sensitive silicon diaphragm • capacitive
196 x 160 x 97 mm
aluminium protection guard • RAL 9010 (clean-white) • IP 43
sensor module 0.135 kg • 1.6 kg with protective housing
Ser[LOG] Plus · Data loggerSer[LOG] Plus Data logger

Ser[LOG] Plus is the most versatile data logger. Due to its convertibility through configuration and scaling, you can easily adapt the Ser[LOG] Plus to the specific challenges of your daily measurement tasks.


  • Serial and analog sensors connectable
  • Handles up to 60 parameters
  • Many state-of-the-art communication interfaces
  • Extensive sensor library, can be freely configured and scaled by the user
  • Formula collection and free formula parser
  • Alarm system for 10 warning channels using built-in and external relays
  • Wide range of options for exchanging information
  • Interference-proof due to shielded aluminum housing
  • User-friendly with free access to all terminals and controls
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SYNMET-IND · Data loggerSYNMET-IND Data logger

The system's components own intelligence as well as modular upgrades stand for future orientation. A large amount of specific applications can be realised with high efficiency. Ease of maintenance, reliability and simple installation are further advantages of this standard logger for the highest demands.

  • ring buffer for 1 year
  • freely configurable sensor inputs
  • 17 sensor channels
  • 43 virtual channels
  • able to communicate via Internet with a router*
  • LAN integration via Ethernet interface*
  • integrated sensor and hardware control
  • simultaneous communication with up to 10 users*

* Ethernet connection kit required

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