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Temperature sensors

Desert sand and frozen soil...

are the objects to be measured and the starting point for the right choice of sensors. The soil sensor (828) is water­proof and is used to measure air, water and soil temperatures precisely. Instrument (8241), which includes radiation protection and a mounting rod, is best suited for measuring temperatures about 5 cm above ground (grass level). For measurement of air temperatures in higher areas, sensor (8281) is most suitable.

  • world-wide popular standard measuring elements
  • robust and corrosion resistant through stainless steel housing


Platinium temperatur sensor, e. g. PT100

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  Temperature sensors
Id-No. Id-No. please see leaflet
Measuring range -30...+70 °C
Accuracy ± 0.1 °C at 0 °C
Accessories 00.08141.600000 Sensor shelter • 32.08141.001010 Adapter for mounting of sensor (8281) • 00.08763.012002 Two-channel transducer (optional) • 32.08280.010060 Armoured conduit for ground installation (rodent protection) of sensor (828), 6 m