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Sensor shelter with artificial ventilation

For all weathers...!

This artificially ventilated sensor shelter is designed for universal use with relative hu­midity and air temperature measuring instru­ments. The ventilation system draws ambient air and conveys it through the sensor. Possible measuring errors caused by direct or reflected radiation, especially during calm, will be avoided.

  • light and radiation transmission nearly eliminated
  • easy installation
  • very robust
  • to be used individually for different types of sensors
  • improved lamellar system
  • artificial ventilation
  • including mounting material for different poles
  • made from UV and weather-proof material
  • no return of heated air into the ventilation circle


suitable for basic applications Sensor and housing parts are robust Longevity

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Daniel Dreilich
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  Sensor shelter with artificial ventilation
Id-No. 00.08141.600 004
Dimensions Ø 150 mm, Height: 395 mm (incl. mounting)
Weight 1.4 kg
Accessories Screwing for sensor diameter 14...21 mm