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Thermo-Hygrograph (252)

A successful product ...

is this combination of high-quality measuring elements, housing and drum materials and highly precise clockwork. It is manually assembled, adjusted and tested. The proven natural hair grid is the most frequently used device to measure humidity. In low (<25%) or quickly changing humidity as well as in temperatures below -10°C the Pernix®-elements are the best qualified. They guarantee low reaction time and high quality. Especially advantageous is the use of synthetic fibre in rooms and temperatures between -10...+40°C, since no regeneration is required.

  • precision mechanics clockwork*
  • clearly arranged results
  • independant of mains power

*also available with quartz clockwork and batteries


Your contact person

Daniel Dreilich
+49 551 4958-395
  Thermo-Hygrograph (252)
Id-No. Id-No. please see leaflet
Accuracy temperature: ± 0.3 °C • humidity: • natural hair: ± 2 % r. h. with regular regeneration • Pernix®: ± 2 % r. h. with regular regeneration • synthetic fibre: ± 3 % r. h. without regeneration
Dimensions 280 x 145 x 255 mm
Housing RAL 9010 (clean-white)
Weight 4 kg
Accessories Felt-tipped pens • Graph paper