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Learn more about our met[LOG] system.

Smart system solutions - this means for you: The data logger met[LOG] and its met[APP] quickly and easily transfer your climate data into your network (LAN). The met[LOG] has an autoconfiguration via plug & play for the uncomplicated commissioning of the serial LAMBRECHT meteo sensors. Visualisation of your data is easily done via integrated met[APP] in your web browser.

Create your own measuring station now. 

Our brochure “Smart system solutions” will guide you through the possible combinations.


Features and advantages

  • real-time access to measurement data via integrated web server, visualised in your browser app met[APP]
  • data management includes e.g. wind speed, wind direction, air humidity, air temperature, air pressure and global radiation as well as amount of precipitation
  • met[LOG] calculates trends and patterns, and automatically performs corrections based on altitude and air pressure
  • thanks to its digital outputs the met[LOG] immediately issues a warning or raises an alarm
  • plug & play - auto-configuration by push of a button allows full working capability within seconds
  • various combinations are possible: 7 interfaces allow connection of 4 analog and 3 serial weather sensors