Even though floods are of natural origin, they are often unexpected. An emerging flood is calculated by the intensity of the precipitation, the characteristics of the catchment area and of the river. Lambrecht meteo sensors, like our precipitation sensors rain[e] and type 15189, let you detect an approaching flood at an early stage.

Niederschlag Hochwasser   rain[e]     15189



The water industry includes several activities and service areas, such as the management of surface and subterranean water, the extraction and distribution of drinking water, the management of waste water by sewage treatment plants, the drainage of high-precipitation areas and the irrigation of low-precipitation areas. Our sensors support these activities, such as our precipitation sensors rain[e] and type 15189 and our data logger PreLOG.

Wassermanagement   rain[e]     15189     PreLOG



In order to use the wind as an energy source, forecasts have to be made about the wind speed and wind direction in order to get the maximum out of it. Lambrecht meteo wind sensors are used on wind turbines to adjust and align them ideally for the upcoming winds. In addition, they serve as an early warning system for approaching storms and hurricanes and can control your entire wind farm, cranes or your building automation. With our ultrasonic wind sensor u[sonic] or our thermal weather sensor EOLOS-IND you always know what to expect and from which direction.

Windräder   u[sonic]     EOLOS



Ship automation comprises the monitoring, control, regulation, alerting and documentation of various ship-technical processes through various environmental influences. Ships and container transporters are equipped with seaworthy sensors in all technical areas. The Lambrecht meteo NAV range includes all the marine sensors you need to determine the temperature, pressure, humidity, wind speed and direction, so you can detect severe weather and dangerous situations at an early stage. Our wind NAV range includes the robust and dynamic wind sensors PRO-NAV, the combi sensor ARCO-NAV, the combined wind sensor 24513 and the static weather sensor EOLOS-NAV2. In order to precisely determine temperature, humidity and pressure, our THP[pro]NAV with weather shelter is recommended. We also provide you with indicators to Instantaneous values, such as our METEO LCD NAV.

Schiffe   ARCO NAV     24513     EOLOS NAV2     METEO-LCD-NAV



Even in face of the smart homes and digitalization in building automation, Lambrecht meteo sensors do not falter. With the help of our state-of-the-art pyranometers, such as our sun[e], blinds and protectors can be regulate automatically. With rising winds, our wind speed sensor INDUSTRY takes care of retracting the blinds.

Gebäudeautomation   Industry WG     sun[e]



Responsible use of energy is becoming increasingly important in the face of dwindling resources and rising prices. Nowadays diverse savings options are offered by the technology available. Our weather stations offer a complete solution and are optimized for the application areas of meteorology, plant protection, agriculture, vaporization and precipitation. The used sensors have such low power consumption that the entire station can be supplied with a solar panel. Each of these stations helps you to measure energy-consciously and to change processes in an ecologically meaningful way.

Agrar und Klimaforschung   Wetterstation Solar




With Phoenix Contact and Lambrecht meteo Modbus sensors, you can design a sustainable energy supply with the power of the sun.

The PV monitoring system solution was developed in cooperation with Phoenix Contact. Your benefits:

  • Easy to integrate into your system by using the Modbus industry standard. 
  • Much more communication possibilities with the Phoenix Contact data acquisition.
  • We also provide sensor solutions for classes B and C.

 Lambrecht Phoenix Contact


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