Are you ready for color?

We can customize the design of your LAMBRECHT sensor so that it reflects the work you do and your organization’s unique personality. We can wrap it to display your company logo or paint the unit itself in your brand color – the possibilities are nearly endless. Our team of specialized lacquerers will ensure the best possible quality, so your sensor will look just as great as it works.

Design your own sensor with us 

Simply let us know your design idea, and we’ll create your unique LAMBRECHT product. Whatever the idea, we will be happy to discuss it with you, create a draft of your idea together, and implement your individual painting or special wrap for you.




100 % Custom - Our Service 



u[sonic] lackiert


All rain[e] precipitation sensors can be covered with a personalized wrap. 

ID 97.FOILED000000

   Only € 195.00 (per sensor and supply of logo/photo*)


To the rain[e] sensors


Individual, single-color painting is available for all rain[e] models and all wind sensors.

ID 97.COLOR.000000

   Only € 220.00 (per sensor and supply of the varnish)


To the wind sensors



  rain[e] Paris



 rain[e] foliert





*) Copyright protects photographs of all kinds. Photographic works are defined as intellectual creations in § 2 of the Copyright Act. The creator of the photographic work owns the photographic rights exclusively. This includes the rights of use, reproduction, and publication.