Wind speed sensor

Wind energySeawater resistentIP 65 protection ratingMetal cup rotorCold climate125 W heated
PROFESSIONAL-IX 3.0 · Wind speed sensor


Wind speed sensor


  • Cold Climate Standard
  • Polar stations
  • Wind turbines
  • Cableways
  • Winter sports facilities
  • Wind warning systems

Safe operation in ice and snow

of the sensors PROFESSIONAL-IX 3.0 with 125-watt heating unit! Consequently, these high-quality wind sensors are particularly ap­propriate for use in extremely low temperatures. The double bearings as well as special alloys enable the large measuring and temperature operating ranges. The contactless measuring principle ensures wear-free, precise and thus certain data acquisition. The simple mounting methods provide a high degree of flexibility.

  • Wide measuring and temperature operating ranges for year-round use
  • Very good starting values due to contactless measuring principle
  • Optimal heating concept for cold climate
  • Extremely high robustness and longevity
Professional Line
00.14602.300000: 0...20 mA
00.14602.300004: 4...20 mA
00.14602.300007: frequency • 0...500 Hz = 0...50 m/s
Measuring range:
0.4...50 m/s
± 2 % FS at 0.4...50 m/s
< 0.1 m/s
Starting value:
0.4 m/s
0(4)...20 mA
Range of application:
temperatures -40...+70 °C heated • wind speed 0...60 m/s • humidity 0...100 % r. h.
Supply voltage:
sensor 24 (20...28) VDC • heating 24 VDC • 125 W
Measuring elements:
special coated • 3 armed cup rotor - aluminium
Measuring principle:
contact-free • Hall Sensor Array
wind speed: cup rotor Ø 218 mm - H 241 mm
seawater resistant aluminium • specially coated • IP 65 in upright position
approx. 0.8 kg
Accessories (order separately):
Id-No. 32.14601.060000 15 m cable, onesided with connector
Id-No. 32.14567.006000 Mast adapter Ø 50 mm
Id-No. 32.14567.010000 Traverse
WWS · Wind warning deviceWWS Wind warning device

Alarming in many and various applications - with a particularly attractive price-perfor­mance ratio! Our wind warning system comprises the wind warning device, the INDUS­TRY wind speed sensor, which has been tried and tested worldwide and the indicator type 8537. It ensures continuous monitoring of the wind velocity with advance and primary warnings. Two freely configu­rable relays provide a high degree of flexibility; on-delay and drop-out delay can be adjusted separately.

  • Safety due to immediate detection of malfunctions
  • Individual, application-oriented setting of the functional parameters
  • Simple and rapid top hat rail mounting
  • Clear and concise display of measured values and switching states
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Traverse system · Traverse system

for mounting your LAMBRECHT sensors! The traverse system consists of anodised aluminium and stainless steel components: traverse, lightning rod, sensor and mast fixation. The modular conception allows great flexibility and easy installation.

  • Quick and simple installation of wind sensors, temperature/ humidity sensors with sensor shelter, pyranometers, sensors for sunshine duration etc.
  • High quality, robust materials
  • High flexibility due to modular design


Detailed information about the individual components is given in the data sheet.

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Ser[LOG] Plus · Data loggerSer[LOG] Plus Data logger

Ser[LOG] Plus is the most versatile data logger. Due to its convertibility through configuration and scaling, you can easily adapt the Ser[LOG] Plus to the specific challenges of your daily measurement tasks.


  • Serial and analog sensors connectable
  • Handles up to 60 parameters
  • Many state-of-the-art communication interfaces
  • Extensive sensor library, can be freely configured and scaled by the user
  • Formula collection and free formula parser
  • Alarm system for 10 warning channels using built-in and external relays
  • Wide range of options for exchanging information
  • Interference-proof due to shielded aluminum housing
  • User-friendly with free access to all terminals and controls
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