Combined weather sensor

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Combined weather sensor


  • industrial applications
  • building automation
  • environmental measurements under extreme environmental conditions
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A unique all-rounder...

is the new generation of a profes­sional, particularly compact weather station for universal application! Measurement of 6 meteorological parameters and the precipitation quantity (optional), and that at an optimum price-performance ratio. The wind sensors and the integrated weather module have a very robust design. High-quality special alloys make this weather station environ­mentally resistant and extremely stress resistant. Reliable measure­ment of meteorological parameters is ensured even under extreme weather conditions.

  • extremely robust and compact
  • reliable year-round operation in all climate zones
  • simple and rapid mounting
  • serial interface for direct connec­tion to PC technology
Professional Line
Range of application:
temperature -30...+70 °C heated • wind speed 0...80 m/s • 0...100 % r. h.
H 440 mm • B max. 475 mm • mast mounting: Ø 51 mm pipe
wind direction: < 1° • wind speed: < 0.1 m/s • relative humidity: 0.5 % r. h. • barometric pressure: 0.1 hPa • air temperature: 0.1 °C • precipitation: see precipitation sensors
seawater resistant aluminium specially anodised, protective paint (RAL 9006) •
IP 65 in upright position
wind direction: ± 1° • wind speedt: ± 2 % FS at 0.3...50 m/s • relative humidity: ± 3% (10...90%); ± 4% (0...100%) • barometric pressure: ± 2 hPa (-30...+70 °C) • air temperature: ± 0.8 °C • precipitation: see precipitation sensors
2.3 kg
serial RS 422/ Talker baud rate 4800 • 1 Hz (at measuring cycle 10 Hz) • 8N1
Supply voltage:
sensor 11...28 VDC/ 50 mA at 24 VDC, max. 120 mA • heating electr. controlled 24 VDC/ 2x9 W
Measuring range:
wind direction: 0...360° • wind speed: 0.3...75 m/s • relative humidity: 0...100 % r. h. •
barometric pressure: 600...1100 hPa • air temperature: -30...+70 °C • precipitation: see precipitation sensors
METEO-LCD-NAV Digital indicator for ships

has passed the shock and shake tests (acc. to BV 0440 and BV 0430) for naval applications on the high seas with bravura. The indicator (14742) is multi­functional, flexible and compact. It is an essential part of the proven LAMBRECHT system solutions with SYNMET and various other sensors. The high contrast graphic LCD display, the low mounting depth and the integration of various devices into a network are the most important features of this highly qualified indicator.

  • display of specific ship parameters
  • shock class A!
  • big multifunctional display with adjustable background illumination
  • variety with waterproof front plate design
  • galvanically separated supply and signal channels
  • momentary, mean and extreme values
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METEO-LCD-IND Digital indicator

is very versatile and flexible. The high contrast display can be adjusted by a dimmer to the prevailing lighting conditions. The compact design proves to be very advantageous and cost efficient when mounted into control panels. The instruments are reliable and cross-linkable. They can, when series connected, display all 6 measured main parameters at the same time.

  • big, graphic, high-resolution display with background illumination
  • contrast and brightness adjustable
  • variety with waterproof front plate design
  • low mounting depth
  • galvanically separated supply and signal channels
  • momentary, mean and extreme values
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Ser[LOG] Data logger

The Ser[LOG] system family allows you the greatest possible freedom for customizing your measurement tasks: extensibility due to modular design,  high flexibility due to a variety of configuration options and many possibilities through state-of-the- art communication interfaces

Ser[LOG] can be extended to a total of 3 AnDiMod analog/digital measuring modules. Available then up to 36 differential analog channels and 11 digital channels.

  • extensive sensor library
  • formulary and free formula parser
  • integrated alarm system for 10 alarm outputs via built-in and external relays, email, SMS
  • interference-proof due to high-quality, shielded aluminium housing
  • user-friendly with free access to all connections and controls
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