Temperature sensors

Pt temperature sensor
Temperature sensors

Temperature sensors


  • automatic weather stations
  • meteorology and environmental measurement technology
  • building systems
  • climate monitoring
  • industrial metrology
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Desert sand and frozen soil...

are the objects to be measured and the starting point for the right choice of sensors. The soil sensor (828) is water­proof and is used to measure air, water and soil temperatures precisely. Instrument (8241), which includes radiation protection and a mounting rod, is best suited for measuring temperatures about 5 cm above ground (grass level). For measurement of air temperatures in higher areas, sensor (8281) is most suitable.

  • world-wide popular standard measuring elements
  • robust and corrosion resistant through stainless steel housing
Professional Line
Temperature sensors
00.08241.000000 Air Temperature Sensor with protection roof against radiati on (8241)
00.08280.010507 Air, Soil, Water Temperature Sensor (828)
00.08281.008005 Air Temperature Sensor (8281)
Measuring range:
-30...+70 °C
± 0.1 °C at 0 °C
Range of application:
temperatures -60...+90 °C
Measuring elements:
platinum thermometer • Pt 100 1/3 DIN 43760 class B
Accessories (order separately):
00.08141.600000 Sensor shelter
32.08141.001010 Adapter for mounting of sensor (8281)
00.08763.012002 Two-channel transducer (optional)
32.08280.010060 Armoured conduit for ground installation (rodent protection) of sensor (828), 6 m
Sensor shelter with natural ventilation

and for protection against radiation the sensor shelter with natural ventilation is designed for universal use with relative hu­midity and air temperature measuring instru­ments.

  • natural ventilation of the sensors
  • light and radiation transmission nearly eliminated
  • easy installation
  • very robust
  • to be used individually for different types of sensors
  • improved lamellar system
  • including mounting material for different poles
  • made from UV and weather-proof material
  • no return of heated air into the ventilation circle
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