Wind sensor

Metal vaneMetal cup rotorIP 65 protection ratingMetal materialSDI-12 digital outputSeawater resistent
ARCO SDI-12 · Wind sensor


Wind sensor


  • hydrological and agro-meteorological applications
  • solar-powered weather stations

Optimised for low current consumption

All sensors of the ARCO series are very robust, compact and extremely reliable. Due to its low energy consumption, the ARCO SDI-12 is also particularly suitable for solar-powered weather stations.

For a long service life we use corrosion-resistant materials: The housing and the measuring elements are made of seawater-resistant aluminium and stainless steel. The cup rotor, the wind vane and the housing are anodized. The ARCO SDI-12 is a high quality yet cost effective solution.

  • low current consumption: < 4 mA at 12 VDC
  • particularly low starting values: 0.3 m/s
  • quick and easy installation
  • wind vane and 3-arm cup rotor exchangeable
  • SDI-12 Protocol · Version 1.4
Professional Line
Wind direction · Wind speed
Meas. range wind direction:
Meas. range wind speed:
0.3... 55 m/s
Accuracy wind direction:
± 1 %
Accuracy wind speed:
± 2 % FS at 0.3...55 m/s
Resolution wind direction:
< 1°
Resolution wind speed:
< 0.1 m/s
Damping ration wind direction:
Distance ratio wind speed:
4 m
Starting value:
0.3 m/s
Range of application:
temperature -40...+70 °C • wind speed 0...55 m/s • 0...100 % r. h.
Supply voltage:
sensor 9...15 VDC · 4 mA at 12 VDC
seawater resistant aluminium · specially coated • IP 65 in vertical position of use
approx. 1.7 kg
Options (order separately):
Id-No. 36.09340.000000 · Visualisation and evaluation software MeteoWare-CS-3 Basic
Accessories (order separately):
Id-No. 32.14567.060000 · Sensor connection cable with plug connector M12, 4-pin · Length: 12 m
Id-No. 32.14567.060010 · Sensor connection cable with plug connector M12, 4-pin · Length: 15 m
(Other lengths available on request)
Ser[LOG] · Data loggerSer[LOG] Data logger

The Ser[LOG] system family allows you the greatest possible freedom for customizing your measurement tasks: extensibility due to modular design,  high flexibility due to a variety of configuration options and many possibilities through state-of-the- art communication interfaces

Ser[LOG] can be extended to a total of 3 AnDiMod analog/digital measuring modules. Available then up to 36 differential analog channels and 11 digital channels.

  • extensive sensor library
  • formulary and free formula parser
  • integrated alarm system for 10 alarm outputs via built-in and external relays, email, SMS
  • interference-proof due to high-quality, shielded aluminium housing
  • user-friendly with free access to all connections and controls
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