Analog output
16123 · Netto-Radiometer




  • agricultural meteorology
  • building physics (comfort analysis)
  • roadcondition
  • monitoring
Gary NagyGary Nagy

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Gary Nagy
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Design and progress ...

are united in this revolutionary and futuristic-looking radiometer to create an ingenious and highly reliable measuring system. Maintenance-free, conic and tefloncoated sensor elements make the constructive abandonment of housing and glass dome possible. The vertical metal rod prevents soiling by landing birds. 

  • small, light, robust
  • highly precise evaluation of radiation balance within a wide wave length range
  • thermopile measuring principle
  • high quality materials guarantee long-term stability and resistance to weathering
  • analogous signal output
  • factory test certificate included (DIN 10204),
Professional Line
Measuring range:
-2000...+2000 W/m2 • radiation balance within a range of 0.2...100 µm
10 µV/ W/m2 (nominal) • temperature dependance: -0.1 %/ °C (typically)
Response time:
< 60 s (95 %)
Directional error:
< 3 % at 0...60° angle of incidence at 1000 W/m2 • sensor asymmetry < 15 %
< 1 %
Range of application:
temperatures -30...+70 °C
Measuring elements:
thermopiles • conic, teflon coated absorber (without glass dome)
Ø 80 mm • supporting arm L 800 mm • Ø 20 mm • cable length 15 m
approx. 0.5 kg
Included in delivery:
certificate for sensitivity
Accessories (order separately):
00.08763.056002 (8763 SB) Two-channel transducer for radiometer (optional)
Ser[LOG]Plus · Data loggerSer[LOG]Plus Data logger

Outstanding versatility and performance for your professional meteorological data acquisition. Ser[LOG]Plus is more than just a data logger: Due to its versatility by configuration and scaling you can adjust Ser[LOG]Plus to the specific challenges of your daily measurement tasks.

Ser[LOG]Plus is multi functional and grows with its requirements: The data logger can be expanded to a total of 3 measuring modules and processes up to 60 parameters. Ser[LOG]Plus is particularly communicative: up to 30 data transmissions at the same time are possible.

  • extensive sensor library, freely configurable and scalable by user
  • formulary and free formula parser
  • integrated alarm system for 10 alarm outputs via built-in and external relays, email, SMS
  • various possibilities of information exchange
  • EMI resistant by shielded aluminium housing
  • user-friendly with free access to all connections and controls
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