met[LOG] with met[APP]

Data logger

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met[LOG] with met[APP] · Data logger

met[LOG] with met[APP]

Data logger


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Smart Serial Solution

The data logger met[LOG] and its browser app met[app] quickly and easily transfer your weather data into your network (LAN). The met[LOG] has an autoconfiguration via plug & play for the uncomplicated commissioning of the serial LAMBRECHT meteo sensors.

Browser App met[APP]

The browser app which is integrated in the met[LOG] for easy visualisation of the current meteorological data in your network. Platform-independent on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

  • Displays the instantaneous values of your LAMBRECHT meteo station
  • Exports the measured values stored by the met[LOG]
  • Configures the met[LOG]

Features and advantages:

  • Real-time access to measurement data via integrated web server, visualised in your browser with met[APP]
  • met[LOG] calculates trends and patterns, and automatically performs corrections based on altitude and air pressure
  • Thanks to its digital outputs the met[LOG] immediately issues a warning or raises an alarm
  • Plug & play: Auto-configuration by push of a button allows full working capability within seconds
  • Various combinations are possible: 7 interfaces allow connection of 4 analog and 3 serial sensors
Professional Line
met[LOG] with met[APP]
00.95800.010000 (incl. SD card)
Measuring range:
Voltage input: 0...10 V
Analogue: 12 bit
Signal input:
4 analogue/ digital input • range: 0...10 V (configurable) • Ri ≥ 10 KΩ
4 digital output • digital output max. voltage: V0-0.1 V up to V0 • max. 0.7 A
Modbus · NMEA · WIMWV · WIMWD · WIMTA · WIMMB · WIMHU · WIXDR • rain[e]-talker • SDI-12 on RS 485 (rain[e])
3 x RS 485 • A+, B-; half duplex
Operating conditions:
-40...+85 °C
Supply voltage:
11…32 VDC
Power consumption:
500 mW typically (no digital output active)
Storage capacity:
Accessory: 8 Gb SD card, Id.-No. 32.95800.010000 (inclusive)
Storage interval:
1 min · 2 min · 5 min · 10 min
10/100 BaseT • connector RJ45 shielded
Data evaluation:
integrated web page for visualisa • configuration web page
17.8 x 89 x 60 mm
1 sec · configurable
62 g
EMC: IEC 61000-4-2 up to 8 kV
Included in delivery:
automatic configuration of connected serial LAMBRECHT sensors: rain[e], EOLOS, WENTO, ARCO and THP sensor as well as all Modbus sensors of LAMBRECHT
Options (order separately):
30.95800.015000: power[cube] 150W incl. met[LOG]
30.95800.048000: power[cube] 480W incl. met[LOG]
30.95800.115000: power[cube] WiFi Edition incl. met[LOG]
power[cube] · Power supply unitpower[cube] Power supply unit

The compact cube is an all-weather-resistant power pack and rounds off for example the rain[e] station regarding power supply and communication. Beside the data logger met[LOG] it protects the net adapter (24 V/ 150 W) and the WiFi router against all weather influences.

  • Low space requirement
  • Easy installation
  • Very robust
  • Universal use for various sensors
  • Housing made from UV and weather-proof material
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