15189 serial

Precipitation sensor according to Joss-Tognini

2 heating circuits 80 W 70 W4 cm³ bucket volumeDigital output2 cm³ bucket volumeMetal materialPrecipitation amountRS485 output
15189 serial · Precipitation sensor according to Joss-Tognini

15189 serial

Precipitation sensor according to Joss-Tognini


  • system integrators
  • classical meteorology and hydrology
  • measuring networks of water suppliers
  • sewage plants
  • traffic meteorology

The successful precipitation sensor

now available with serial interface. The resistent and beautifully designed sensor has an additional linearised pulse output for high accuracy and easy connection to external data loggers. This new sensor provides intensity adjusted measurement of precipitation with serial measurand output via RS485.

  • SDI-12 protocol (at RS485) for universal use
  • interface RS 485
  • LBP protocol (Lambrecht Bus Protocol)
  • integrated intensity adjustment
  • calculation of the precipitation sum since last data call
  • calculation of the precipitation intensity for a gliding minute
  • calculation of the precipitation intensity for a gliding hour (minute interval)
Professional Line
15189 serial
00.15189.002060 Sensor with 2 cm3 bucket, unheated
00.15189.004060 Sensor with 4 cm3 bucket, unheated
00.15189.402060 Sensor with 2 cm3 bucket, heated
00.15189.404060 Sensor with 4 cm3 bucket, heated
Measuring range:
2 cm3: 0...8 mm/min • 4 cm3: 0...16 mm/min
± 2 %
2 cm3: (2 g) volume of tipping bucket - 0.1 mm
4 cm3: (4 g) volume of tipping bucket - 0.2 mm
RS485 • SDI-12 protocol (at RS485) • LBP protocol (Lambrecht Bus Protocol)
Collection surface:
200 cm2/ WMO standard
Range of application:
unheated: 0...+70 °C (frost resistant down to -20 °C)
heated: -35...+70 °C - no icing - no snowdrift
Supply voltage:
10...30 V DC (12 V DC/ 24 V DC)
Measuring elements:
weighing tipping bucket system • precision stainless steel bucket acc. to Joss-Tognini
mounting pipe Ø 60 mm
Heating data:
electr. controlled dual-circuit heating • controlled temperature of 4 ± 2 °C within a range of -20...+4 °C
heating power 150 W • supply voltage 24 V DC
H 292 mm • Ø 190 mm
aluminium • anodised
approx. 2.5 kg
WMO-No. 8 • VDI 3786 page 7 • EN 50081/82 • VDE 0100
Accessories (order separately):
32.14567.060010 sensor cable, 15 m, 4-pol. M12-plug
00.15091.600XXX Windshield according to Tretyakov for measuring height 1 m, 1.5 m and 2 m
32.15180.023020 bird defense ring
00.14966.200000 Power supply unit for heated sensors
32.15188.060060 Cable for power supply 2 pole, 1 m32.15189.008000 Insect filter for 15189 unheated
PreLOG · Data loggerPreLOG Data logger

for most precipitation sensors with tipping bucket and reed switch output. In addition, the PreLOG can be used as an independent pulse counter. 

The rechargeable battery of the PreLOG allows a reliable operation of up to 5 years. The logger is configured, read out and charged via the mini-USB interface.

The communication of PreLOG via GPRS can be carried out with a modem, via which it also sends alarm messages in the event of an alarm.

PreLOG ECO is the cost-effective version for manual readout of data.  

  • waterproof and low-maintenance
  • user-friendly software
  • sampling mode: event-based recording (no zero values)
  • maximum of readings: 65535
  • integrated intensity correction for Lambrecht precipitation sensors type 15189 (can be deactivated)
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met[LOG] with met[APP] · Data loggermet[LOG] with met[APP] Data logger

The data logger met[LOG] and its browser app met[app] quickly and easily transfer your climate data into your network (LAN). The met[LOG] has an autoconfiguration via plug & play for the uncomplicated commissioning of the serial LAMBRECHT meteo sensors.


The browser app which is integrated in the met[LOG] for easy visualisation of the current climate data in your network. Platform-independent on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

  • displays the instantaneous values of your LAMBRECHT meteo station
  • exports the measured values stored by the met[LOG]
  • configures the met[LOG]

Features and advantages:

  • real-time access to measurement data via integrated web server, visualised in your browser with met[APP]
  • met[LOG] calculates trends and patterns, and automatically performs corrections based on altitude and air pressure
  • thanks to its digital outputs the met[LOG] immediately issues a warning or raises an alarm
  • plug & play · auto-configuration by push of a button allows full working capability within seconds
  • various combinations are possible: 7 interfaces allow connection of 4 analog and 3 serial sensors
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