Measuring Module

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AnDiMod · Measuring Module


Measuring Module

Measuring module for data logger Ser[LOG]

Benefit from the modular system of the data logger family Ser[LOG] and put together your system platform in a customized way. In this way, you can easily defy the growing challenges of your daily measuring tasks. Up to 3 AnDiMod can be connected to the data logger Ser[LOG], to the Ser[LOG]Plus up to 2 AnDiMod.

Each measuring module AnDiMod contains

  • 12 analog differential channels
  • 3 digital channels
  • 6 connections for power supply of the sensors

With AnDiMod measuring modules, you can expand your Ser[LOG] to a total of up to 36 analog measurement inputs and 11 digital inputs. Of course, AnDiMod - like the data loggers - is also interference-free due to its shielded aluminium housing and user-friendly with free access to all connections.

Professional Line
00.95770.200 00X
16 bit ADC with up to 1024-ti mes oversampling • Processing in 8-byte IEEE real format
Signal input:
12 analog/ 3 digital inputs • 6 connecti ons for power supply of the sensors
Range of application:
-30…+70 °C • 5...95 % r. h. (not condensing)
Power supply:
10…30 VDC
Current consumption:
from 92 mA (12 V) up to 98 mA (12 V) depending on confi gurati on
Data transfer:
Ser[LOG] Bus
125 x 115 x 72 mm
approx. 0.6 kg
EMC: IEC 60945
CS3 · MeteoWareCS3 MeteoWare

Meteoware CS3 is a modular, scalable software package for recording and evaluating meteorological data. It can be scaled from simple single-user systems with one data logger to an application distributed via LAN/ Internet with up to 999 users.

MeteoWare CS3 can be used with together with the data acquisition systems Ser[LOG], met[LOG], TROPOS, SYNMET and PreLOG. Furthermore with the following serial wind and weather sensors: u[sonic], PREOS, EOLOS, WENTO, ARCO-SERIAL und dem Feuchte-Temperatursensor 8095.

It is the ideal software for Weather Services and Environmental Offices, industries, sewage treatment plants & dumpsites, airports and many other applications.

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