TROPOS -112/ -124

Data logger

Frequency inputImpuls input0...10 V input0...1 V input4...20 ma input0...20 ma input
TROPOS -112/ -124

TROPOS -112/ -124

Data logger


  • mobile or stationary weather stations
  • meteorology
  • hydrology
  • industry
  • agrarian
  • R & D
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TROPOS - the hero of our time ...

At times in which economising is a sensitive topic, LAMBRECHT's TROPOS is an ingenious coup. With TROPOS you not only save energy and money, you gain a large measure of flexibility as a result of its modular structure. Up to 1+24 sensors can be connected to it for meteorological measurements on a high level.

  • cost-efficent investment in state-of-the-art technology
  • modular system for a number of classical as well as professional applications
  • the core component of a weather station with mains or solar power supply
  • Compact Flash Card as central and mobile storage medium
  • data transfer via RS 232, RS 485 (optional) or with other well-known modem types
  • operation by means of a push/rotary switch, LCD as well as intuitive configuration and read-out software   
Professional Line
TROPOS -112/ -124
00.95666.500 000 TROPOS-112: the data logger for 1+12 sensors 00.95666.600 000 TROPOS-124: the data logger for 1+24 sensors
Range of application:
-30...+60 °C • 0...100% r. h. • no condensing
4 outputs for sensor power supply: 3 of which are switchable • 1 relay for switching of a communication device (modem) • 1 open collector output for precipitation impulses
easy to read • 2 lines • 16 characters
Supply voltage:
10...24 V
Power consumption:
~0.7 W (12 V) (online mode) • ~0.5 W (12 V) (logger mode)
Data evaluation:
proven and easy to operate PC evaluation software "MeteoWare..." (option)
Data transfer:
mobile and wireless via CF card • with cable via interface RS232 or optionally via GSM modem • telephone modem • radio modem • RS485 (optional)
Measuring interval:
easily adjustable • for single values per channel • for average and extreme values globally
Storage capacity:
for 1 year • data storage on Compact Flash Card (CF card)
CS3 MeteoWare

Meteoware CS3 is a modular, scalable software package for recording and evaluating meteorological data. It can be scaled from simple single-user systems with one data logger to an application distributed via LAN/ Internet with up to 999 users.

MeteoWare CS3 can be used with together with the data acquisition systems Ser[LOG], met[LOG], TROPOS, SYNMET and PreLOG. Furthermore with the following serial wind and weather sensors: u[sonic], PREOS, EOLOS, WENTO, ARCO-SERIAL und dem Feuchte-Temperatursensor 8095.

It is the ideal software for Weather Services and Environmental Offices, industries, sewage treatment plants & dumpsites, airports and many other applications.

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