TROPOS -112 and -124

Data logger

Frequency inputImpuls input0...10 V input0...1 V input4...20 ma input0...20 ma input
TROPOS -112 and -124 · Data logger

TROPOS -112 and -124

Data logger


  • mobile or stationary weather stations
  • meteorology
  • hydrology
  • industry
  • agrarian
  • R & D

Cost-efficient investment

At times in which economising is a sensitive topic, LAMBRECHT's TROPOS is an ingenious coup. With TROPOS you not only save energy and money, you gain a large measure of flexibility as a result of its modular structure. Up to 1+24 sensors can be connected to it for meteorological measurements on a high level.

  • cost-efficient investment
  • modular system for a number of classical as well as professional applications
  • the core component of a weather station with mains or solar power supply
  • Compact Flash Card as central and mobile storage medium
  • data transfer via RS 232, RS 485 (optional) or with other well-known modem types
  • operation by means of a push/rotary switch, LCD as well as intuitive configuration and read-out software   
Professional Line
TROPOS -112 and -124
00.95666.500 000 TROPOS-112: for 1+12 sensors
00.95666.600 000 TROPOS-124: for 1+24 sensors
Signal input:
1 precipitation reed contact
8 analogue inputs available: 2 of them as Pt 100 • resistance • voltage or current inputs • 4 of them as voltage or current inputs • 2 of them as voltage inputs
4 digital inputs: 3 of them as counter or for frequencies • 1 input for status
4 outputs for sensor power supply: 3 of which are switchable • 1 relay for switching of a communication device (modem) • 1 open collector output for precipitation impulses
Measuring interval:
easily adjustable • for single values per channel • for average and extreme values globally
Range of application:
-30...+60 °C • 0...100% r. h. • no condensing
Supply voltage:
10...24 V
Power consumption:
~0.7 W (12 V) (online mode) • ~0.5 W (12 V) (logger mode)
Storage capacity:
for 1 year • data storage on Compact Flash Card (CF card)
Data transfer:
mobile and wireless via CF card • with cable via interface RS232 or optionally via GSM modem • telephone modem • radio modem • RS485 (optional)
Data evaluation:
proven and easy to operate PC evaluation software
easy to read • 2 lines • 16 characters
Included in delivery:
1 CF card as data memory • 1 null modem adapter + connecting cable • 1 CD TROPOS-Commander (configuration- and data readout software)
MeteoWare CS3 · Meteorological evaluation softwareMeteoWare CS3 Meteorological evaluation software

Accurate data acquisition is the starting point of any weather monitoring solution. With our data loggers and sensors, you get precise and reliable readings under any condition. The flexible Ser[LOG] data loggers offer a wide range of customizable configurations and state-of-the-art communication interfaces for all your measurement tasks and requirements. Existing sensors, including those from other manufacturers, can be easily added and used with the included sensor library. The Ser[LOG] data loggers are ideal for setting up even large weather measurement networks.

The Lambrecht MeteoWare CS3 app provides support for the acquisition, provision, analysis, visualization and archiving of large data volumes.

Selectable evaluation definitions, evaluation period, graphic types 

MeteoWare CS3 is a modular, scalable program package for the acquisition and evaluation of meteorological data. It can be scaled from a simple single-user system with one data logger to a LAN/Internet distributed application with up to 999 users and up to 999 data loggers. 

System requirements:
Runs on Windows® 7 or higher
Desktop systems only


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