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Data logger


  • autarkic precipitation stations
  • agriculture meteorology
  • measuring networks of water management
  • sewage treatment plants
  • International Weather Services
  • agriculture and forestry
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The compact standard rain logger ...

for most precipitation sensors with tipping bucket and reed switch output. In addition, the PreLOG can be used as an independent pulse counter. 

The rechargeable battery of the PreLOG allows a reliable operation of up to 5 years. The logger is configured, read out and charged via the mini-USB interface.

The communication of PreLOG via GPRS can be carried out with a modem, via which it also sends alarm messages in the event of an alarm.

PreLOG ECO is the cost-effective version for manual readout of data.  

  • waterproof and low-maintenance
  • user-friendly software
  • sampling mode: event-based recording (no zero values)
  • maximum of readings: 65535
  • integrated intensity correction for Lambrecht precipitation sensors type 15189 (can be deactivated)
Professional Line
00.15190.000000 PreLOG · 00.15190.010000 PreLOG ECO
confi gurable (Standard value 0.1 mm)
Signal input:
1 Impulseingang, integrierte Signalentprellung
1 pulse output (OC) (only PreLOG)
RS232 for data retrieval and connection to a modem (PreLOG 00.15190.000000)
USB for configuration, data retrieval and battery recharging
Operating conditions:
-20...+60 °C (rechargeable battery)
Rechargeable battery:
3.6 V Li-Ion, changeable
Battery life:
up to 5 years (without recharging, at +20 °C)
Power supply:
12 V DC (9…26 V DC)
Current consumption:
at 12 V DC ext. power supply, 2...10.5 mA; typ. ca. 2.5 mA (only PreLOG)
Power supply modem:
switchable via PreLOG 12 V DC (9...26 V DC)
approx. 290 x Ø 32 mm
seawater resistant aluminium
Protection class:
IP65 (casing), IP67 (connected connector)
0.33 kg