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Weighing precipitation sensor rain[e]one

The first of a new kind

Latest weighing technology combined with a self-emptying precision tipping bucket allows the rain[e]one a high resolution and high precision at a very small construction volume. The rain[e]one is ideal to setup new measurement network as well as addition to an existing rainfall measurement network.  

  • amazing resolution and accuracy
  • checking of sensors with tipping bucket and other weighing systems
  • compact and robust construction with a very low weight
  • all-metal housing, weatherproof and durable
  • best connectivity by several interfaces
  • installation and maintenance are very simple

Also with Modbus or customised protocols realisable!

Weighing tipping bucket measurement of precipitation events measurement of precipitation amount measurement of rain intensity high resolution

Your contact person

Daniel Dreilich
+49 551 4958-395
  Weighing precipitation sensor rain[e]one
Id-No. 00.15184.000 001 rain[e]one, unheated
00.15184.400 001 rain[e]one, heated
Measuring range without limitation (0.05... ∞ mm)
Accuracy 0.1 mm or 2 %
Amount accuracy 1 % at 1 mm/min
Amount resolution 0.001 mm
Intensity range 0…10 mm/min resp. 0…600 mm/h
Intensity resolution 0.001 mm/min resp. 0.001 mm/h
Analogue output see leaflet
Protocol see leaflet
Collecting surface area 200 cm²
Supply voltage 9.8 ... 32 V DC
Measuring principle weighing with automatic self emptying
Protection class IP67
Standards WMO-No. 8 • VDI 3786 Bl. 7 • EN 61000-2, -4 • EN 61000-4-2, -3, -4, -5, -6, -11 • NAMUR NE-21