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Weighing precipitation sensor rain[e]H3

Protected against freezing.

Due to the innovative weighing technology combined with a self-emptying collection vessel the rain[e] sets new standards in professional precipitation measurement. Its outstanding resolution and accuracy are approved all over the world. The rain[e]H3 with electronically regulated ring heating is designed especially for extreme cold climates. Integrated outside temperature sensor, real time clock, electronic monitoring when opening the housing and remote servicing are features of continuous development. With optional port server and web interface the rain[e]H3 is well equipped for all communicative demands in future.  

  • electronically controlled ring-, funnel- and drain-line heatings
  • outstanding resolution and accuracy
  • all-metal housing, weatherproof and long-living
  • easy installation and maintenance

Video* on YouTube: Reinigung des rain[e]H3 (Cleaning of the rain[e]H3 in German language)

(*with kind approval of: Deutscher Wetterdienst)


Weighing tipping bucket measurement of precipitation events measurement of precipitation amount measurement of rain intensity high resolution

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  Weighing precipitation sensor rain[e]H3
Id-No. 00.15184.540 020
Measuring range without limitation (0.05... ∞ mm)
Accuracy ± 0.1 mm or ±1% at < 6 mm/min and ± 2% at ≥ 6 mm/min
Amount accuracy 1 % at 1 mm/min
Amount resolution 0.001 mm
Intensity range 0…20 mm/min resp. 0…1200 mm/h
Intensity resolution 0.001 mm/min resp. 0.001 mm/h
Analogue output see leaflet
Pulse output see leaflet
Collecting surface area 200 cm²
Environmental conditions -40...+70 °C (no icing or snowdrift)
Supply voltage 9.8 ... 32 V DC
Measuring principle weighing with automatic self emptying
Dimensions 377 mm x 190 mm (H x diam.)
Protection class Weighing cell: IP67; housing: IP64
Weight approx. 4 kg
Standards WMO-No. 8 • VDI 3786 Bl. 7 • EN 61000-2, -4 • EN 61000-4-2, -3, -4, -5, -6, -11 • NAMUR NE-21