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Wind sensors PRO-Modbus

The Modbus RTU Interface...

simplifies the integration of the sensors into networks and allows the construction of long communication distances.
PRO-Modbus sensors are predestined for use in areas subject to lightning. Their improved protection against electrostatic discharge in combination with the interference-proof communication ensures a high integrity of your data.
PRO-Modbus sensors with their integrated, regulated heating system provide you with reliable work as a tireless endurance runner in all-year use and in most climatic zones.

  • improved protection against electrostatic discharge
  • especially robust due to rein­forced axis
  • high measuring range of 75 m/s
  • low starting values of < 0.5 m/s
  • very high resolution of measur­ing values


Sensor housing made of seawater resistent alumnium Housing protection IP 65 in upright position

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Daniel Dreilich
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  Wind sensors PRO-Modbus
Id-No. 00.14523.130 030 Wind direction sensor
00.14524.100 030 Wind speed sensor
Measuring range wind direction: 0...360° • wind speed: 0.5...75 m/s
Accuracy wind direction: 2° • wind speed: 0.3 m/s ≤ 10 m/s • 0.5 m/s...60 m/s
Resolution wind direction <1° • wind speed: < 0.1 m/s
Starting value < 0.5 m/s
Output Modbus RTU
Supply voltage 24 VDC (20...32 VDC with heating (ON) · 4.5...32 VDC without heating (OFF) • 18 W heating • max. 800 mA • the heating within the sensor head prevents blocking of the moving parts under most climatological conditions
Measuring principle Hall Sensor Array, non-contact
Housing seawater resistant aluminium • IP 65 in upright position • M12 cable-plug connection • stainless steel nut and lock washer
Weight wind direction: 0.4 kg • wind speed: 0.35 kg
Accessories Ident-Nr. 32.14567.060010: Connection cable with M12, 4 pin female connector, length: 15 m