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Pyranometer sun[e] Modbus

Digital "Secondary Standard" Pyranometer

The sun[e] Modbus offers the highest accuracy and highest data availability: using new ventilation and heating technology, the sun[e] Modbus outperforms all pyranometers equipped with traditional ventilation systems. sun[e] Modbus is the ideal instrument for use in PV system performance monitoring and meteorological networks.

It measures the solar radiation received by a plane surface, in W/m2, from a 180° field of view angle.

  • heated for best data availability
  • new technology outperforms traditional pyranometer ventilation
  • compliant in its standard configuration with the requirements for Class A PV monitoring systems of the IEC 61724-1:2017


suitable for professional applications

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Daniel Dreilich
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  Pyranometer sun[e] Modbus
Id-No. 00.16130.501 030
Measuring range -400...4000 W/m2 • global radiation within a range of 285...3000 nm
Sensitivity < ± 3 % (0.35...1.5 µm) • tilt deviation < ± 2 %
Directional error Directional answer: < ± 10 W/m2
Supply voltage 24 VDC (8...30 VDC)
Power consumption approx. 2.3 W
Dimensions max. Ø 92 mm • approx. H 95 mm
Weight approx. 0.64 kg
Standards ISO 9060 “Secondary Standard” • IP67