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Weighing precipitation sensor rain[e] Modbus

The first of a new kind

Latest weighing technology combined with a self-emptying collecting system allows the rain[e] a high resolution and high precision at a very small construction volume. Already the first drop will be measured! The rain[e] is ideal to setup new measurement network as well as addition to an existing rainfall measurement network. The Modbus RTU interface simplifies sensor installation and integration into networks.  

  • amazing resolution and accuracy
  • checking of sensors with tipping bucket and other weighing systems
  • compact and robust construction with a very low weight
  • all-metal housing, weatherproof and durable
  • best connectivity by several interfaces
  • installation and maintenance are very simple
Weighing tipping bucket measurement of precipitation events measurement of precipitation amount measurement of rain intensity high resolution

Your contact person

Daniel Dreilich
+49 551 4958-395
  Weighing precipitation sensor rain[e] Modbus
Id-No. 00.15184.000 100 rain[e], unheated
00.15184.400 100 rain[e], heated
Measuring range without limitation (0.05... ∞ mm)
Amount accuracy 2 %
Amount resolution 0.001 mm (pulse output: 0.01 mm)
Intensity range 0…10 mm/min resp. 0…600 mm/h
Intensity resolution 0.001 mm/min resp. 0.001 mm/h
Output signal outputs see leaflet
Collecting surface area 200 cm²
Environmental conditions 0...+70 °C (unheated), -40...70 °C (heated, no icing, no snowdrift)
Supply voltage 9.8...32 V DC
Measuring principle weighing with automatic self emptying
Protection class IP67
Standards WMO-No. 8 • VDI 3786 Bl. 7 • EN 61000-2, -4 • EN 61000-4-2, -3, -4, -5, -6, -11 • NAMUR NE-21