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New products

Ready for your Modbus RTU system

The weighing precipitation sensor rain[e]one Modbus is preconfigured for easy integration into your Modbus RTU system. This simplifies the installation work enormously. 

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TH[pro] · More accuracy, less power consumption

TH[pro] · More accuracy, less power consumption

With the combi-sensor TH[pro] you can measure relative humidity and air temperature with high accuracy and with low power consumption. With its various protocols and interfaces, the sensor is used in meteorology and hydrology, building automation and industry. In addition to Modbus, SDI-12 and NMEA, customer-specific protocols can also be implemented. Please contact us.
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LAMBRECHT meteo provides professional solutions for your meteorological measuring tasks. We are delighted to receive your questions, feedback or suggestions. Get in touch with us!

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 The company        

LAMBRECHT meteo is a young company that has been outsourced in 2015 from the traditional Wilh. Lambrecht GmbH. Behind this stands a team of dedicated and competent employees and experts that is active in the market of meteorological measuring technique since many years.

  • own development innovations and effective partnerships
  • world-wide sales and service network
  • most experienced producer and specialist of meteorological measurement technology world-wide