Precipitation Station

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rain[e]one Station


Precipitation Station


  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Landfills

Long term safety

The rain[e]one Precipitation Measuring Station complies with the technical quality requirements of the German Meteorological Service (DWD) and the WMO guideline.

Precipitation amount and intensity data is collected at research quality accuracy and forms the basis for a variety of water management tasks and processes.

Your benefits:

  • Precise and error-free: The continuously self-draining measuring system prevents incorrect measurements that can occur other weighing systems.
  • Reliable: Immediate detection of malfunctions such as failure to install precipitation sensor.
  • Flexible: Eight warning channels that can be logically linked.
  • Energy-efficient: Optimized power requirements thanks to the intelligent heating concept.
  • Eco-friendly: Year-round use without antifreeze.
  • Fast communication: With Wi-Fi router in weatherproof housing.

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Sewage treatment plant   Landfill


Professional Line
Included in delivery:
rain[e]one Weighing Precipitation Sensor, met[LOG] Data Logger, power[cube] Power Supply with Wi-Fi Router
rain[e]one · Weighing precipitation sensorrain[e]one Weighing precipitation sensor

The reasonably priced rain[e]one stands out due to its first-class, proven quality and equipment as in the premium class of the rain[e] series. Only the technical data (amount and intensity of all precipitation) differ slightly.

The latest weighing technology in a very small design combined with a self-emptying collecting system also allows the rain[e]one an excellent resolution and accuracy.

The rain[e]one is ideal to setup new measurement network as well as addition to an existing rainfall measurement network. The Modbus RTU interface simplifies sensor installation and integration into networks.

  • Amazing resolution and accuracy
  • Compact design, very low weight
  • Weatherproof all-metal housing
  • Best connectivity by several interfaces
  • Installation and maintenance are very simple


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power[cube] · Power supply unitpower[cube] Power supply unit

The compact cube is an all-weather-resistant power pack and rounds off for example the rain[e] station regarding power supply and communication. Beside the data logger met[LOG] it protects the net adapter (24 V/ 150 W) and the WiFi router against all weather influences.

  • Low space requirement
  • Easy installation
  • Very robust
  • Universal use for various sensors
  • Housing made from UV and weather-proof material
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met[LOG] with met[APP] · Data loggermet[LOG] with met[APP] Data logger

The data logger met[LOG] and its browser app met[app] quickly and easily transfer your weather data into your network (LAN). The met[LOG] has an autoconfiguration via plug & play for the uncomplicated commissioning of the serial LAMBRECHT meteo sensors.

Browser App met[APP]

The browser app which is integrated in the met[LOG] for easy visualisation of the current meteorological data in your network. Platform-independent on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

  • Displays the instantaneous values of your LAMBRECHT meteo station
  • Exports the measured values stored by the met[LOG]
  • Configures the met[LOG]

Features and advantages:

  • Real-time access to measurement data via integrated web server, visualised in your browser with met[APP]
  • met[LOG] calculates trends and patterns, and automatically performs corrections based on altitude and air pressure
  • Thanks to its digital outputs the met[LOG] immediately issues a warning or raises an alarm
  • Plug & play: Auto-configuration by push of a button allows full working capability within seconds
  • Various combinations are possible: 7 interfaces allow connection of 4 analog and 3 serial sensors
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