Wednesday, 03. February 2016

Well blow me down, the u[sonic] ULTRASONIC SENSOR that LAMBRECHT meteo has launched onto the market is really something! Instead of moving parts, 4 ultrasonic sensors capture even the gentlest of breezes and cannot be stirred in terms of their measurement accuracy even in the most ferocious storms.

The ruggedly constructed, multiply reinforced and dynamically designed housing is immune to both heat and falling ice. Even salty seawater leaves the appliance “cool as a cucumber”. And while we are on the subject of the cold, the heating output of up to 310 watts is simply outstanding. However the fact that the maximum heating output is nevertheless generally not utilised is due to the intelligent heating control. As u[sonic] always knows where the wind is blowing from, the heating is most active at precisely those points, as that is where the greatest cooling also occurs. This conserves power resources and the environment. The ULTRASONIC SENSOR u[sonic] is configurable for 60, 120, 240 and a maximum of 310 watts. If it is configured for 60 W, only a 60-watt mains adaptor will then also be required.

Thanks to its various serial interfaces the ULTRASONIC SENSOR u[sonic] is far from “keeping things up its sleeve”. Instead the measuring instrument interprets and processes the various data protocols for important documentation and always remains capable of learning thanks to the regular firmware updates.

Conclusion: The ULTRASONIC SENSOR u[sonic] is a professional, meteorological application that provides all users with extremely dependable measured data regardless of the climatic influences the measurement device is exposed to ("cold-climate locations"). Easy installation and service-friendly operation round off the benefits.

Our datasheet offers you detailed information and all physical values.