Tuesday, 21. February 2017
"Ahead of time!"

Competitions support innovations and requite creativity. On 16th February 2017 the application process of the 2017 innovation prize of the Göttingen region started in our company. The District Administrator Mr Reuter, the sponsors of the competition and the business development of the Göttingen region (WRG GmbH) declared the slogan "Ahead of time!" and confirmed the conditions of participations of the 2017 innovation prize and expressed the importance of innovations for the economic power and reputation of our region.

We were really appreciated that the press conference was held in our premises, not only as we have participated two times in the last years and even stepped on the victory podium. In 2016 we won the special prize measuring technique with our new data logger Ser[LOG].

LAMBRECHT meteo likes to motivate all founders of new business, companies and institutions to participate in this great competition to profit from various advantages. The application procedure is uncomplicated and not that time-consuming. The WRG is available for all kind of questions.

We, LAMBRECHT meteo GmbH, have an innovative company culture and are a successful company in the meteorological measuring technique market. With our next innovative idea we will surely participate again in the competition of innovation prize of the Göttingen region.

(Photo: © Wolfgang Beisert)