Monday, 29. May 2017
5 unbeatable reasons to use the com[b] for measurement

  • Clever combined.
    The com[b] doesn’t only measure 2 parameters but it also has 2 interfaces on board: analogue and serial. With this you are perfectly equipped for the future.
  • Safety in stormy times.
    com[b] has no moving parts. Its spectacular survival velocity of more than 100 m/s makes it unbreakable for wind influences.
  • Ready-to-go in bitter coldness.
    The sensor offers the required measuring data even in challenging climatic conditions of up to -40°C.
  • Easy and mobile.
    The space-saving, easy installation reduces costs and makes it flexible in use, e.g. on cranes and vehicles.
  • Unbeatable price-performance-ratio.
    Precious materials like aluminium and zinc oxide and the optimised thermo-dynamic measuring principle stand for highest quality. Never before such high Lambrecht standards were available for such a good price.

Not least the com[b] is an absolute eye-catcher. The technical data are here.