Wind sensors for wind turbines all over the world

When it comes to wind turbines, durability, reliability, and yield optimization are the three most important factors. Sensors from Lambrecht meteo ensure you know the exact conditions at your wind farm in real time. No matter where you’re harnessing the power of wind - offshore, on the coast, in the desert, or in any variety of extreme weather conditions - our products can help you maximize your turbines.

Reliable weather data, Industry-best hardware

Our wind and weather sensors are extremely robust and maintenance-free. Their proven long-term stability guarantees a long service life even under extreme weather conditions.

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Weather Backpack is the professional automatic weather station (AWS) for measuring campaigns of limited duration. The portable weather station measures all relevant meteorological parameters. Weather Backpack features high quality sensors for reliable data. The station can be easily packed in the carrying case and quickly transported from one location to the next. 

The all-in-one Weather Backpack is always with you

Weather Backpack provides important data in meteorological scientific quality. Its special measurement quality, reliability and durability make it suitable for the highest demands in science and governmental environmental applications. Since the station is mobile and easily transportable, even large areas can be covered.

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As world experts in meteorological sensor technology, we have developed a wide range of Modbus sensors and data loggers for all common weather parameters. Select among all the sensors the best combination for your specific application, and create your individual system solution or weather station.

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Bangladesh Water Development Board

AEM Awarded a Contract by Bangladesh and World Bank

Advanced Environmental Monitoring (AEM) was awarded a contract by the Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) to provide hydrological information services and early warning systems in Bangladesh. The goal of the project is to improve the national hydrological and meteorological monitoring infrastructure in Bangladesh. Concurrently, the awarded contract is a part of a significant initiative in Bangladesh - to improve weather forecasting and early warning systems in the developing republic. 

Two AEM companies, Lambrecht meteo and FTS, Inc., will supply, install, and monitor the hydrology sensors in Bangladesh. 

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Wind traverse system

Find out now about our system solutions for wind traverse systems!

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We are pleased to announce our new strategic cooperation with Helmut Hund GmbH. The focus is initially on the TM-F dust monitoring from Hund, which can be used together with our data management system Ser[LOG] for process monitoring of climate and ventilation. We are looking forward to further projects!

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PRO-WEA Wind Sensor Line

Ultra robust and storm resistant! The sensors can be found wherever professional meteorological or industrial applications are concerned. They are particularly suitable for monitoring wind turbines, in building automation and on photovoltaic systems. Both output signals and the measuring ranges can be customized in OEM versions.

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u[sonic] at the Olympic Games in PyeongChang

Thanks to our relentless efforts for impeccable quality and the continuous support of our partner in South Korea, Interpeen Co. Ltd., the Lambrecht wind sensors u[sonic] have been selected to oversee the weather during the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games.

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LAMBRECHT meteo gets large order from German Weather Service

LAMBRECHT meteo wins tender from German Weather Service (DWD)! Delivery of at least 1100 precipitation sensors rain[e]H3 that get into use at the precipitation stations of the DWD between 2017-2020.

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New: The met[LOG] ยท Superior functionality - compact design

Our innovative met[LOG] data logger is a genuine multi talent: with its 3 serial and 4 analogue interfaces, it offers versatile options for the management of your weather data. Once connected, the met[LOG] configures automatically at the push of a button. It delivers and stores measurement data for wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, air pressure, humidity, global radiation and many more. The visualisation of weather data requires no software installation and can be fully customised according to your requirements.

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Whether it is a gentle breeze or a violent storm, with the ULTRASONIC SENSOR u[sonic] everything revolves around the wind direction and speed. The measuring instrument itself does move at all in this process. This wear-free and robustly designed innovation works on the basis of ultrasonic measuring sensors and measures wind data with high levels of precision. The innovation was developed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute. Discover information such as the role played by the intelligent heating control here:

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