We can customize the design of your LAMBRECHT sensor so that it reflects the work you do and your organization’s unique personality. We can wrap it to display your company logo or paint the unit itself in your brand color – the possibilities are nearly endless. Our team of specialized lacquerers will ensure the best possible quality, so your sensor will look just as great as it works.




Wind sensors for wind turbines all over the world

When it comes to wind turbines, durability, reliability, and yield optimization are the three most important factors. Sensors from Lambrecht meteo ensure you know the exact conditions at your wind farm in real time. No matter where you’re harnessing the power of wind - offshore, on the coast, in the desert, or in any variety of extreme weather conditions - our products can help you maximize your turbines.

Reliable weather data, Industry-best hardware

Our wind and weather sensors are extremely robust and maintenance-free. Their proven long-term stability guarantees a long service life even under extreme weather conditions.

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Weather Backpack is the professional automatic weather station (AWS) for measuring campaigns of limited duration. The portable weather station measures all relevant meteorological parameters. Weather Backpack features high quality sensors for reliable data. The station can be easily packed in the carrying case and quickly transported from one location to the next. 

The all-in-one Weather Backpack is always with you

Weather Backpack provides important data in meteorological scientific quality. Its special measurement quality, reliability and durability make it suitable for the highest demands in science and governmental environmental applications. Since the station is mobile and easily transportable, even large areas can be covered.

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As world experts in meteorological sensor technology, we have developed a wide range of Modbus sensors and data loggers for all common weather parameters. Select among all the sensors the best combination for your specific application, and create your individual system solution or weather station.

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