DATA LOGGER AND SOFTWARE are fundamental parts of complete measuring systems. A multiplicity of meteorological sensors can be connected to LAMBRECHT's data acquisition system SYNMET.

Weather or naval data are recorded and backed up-to-date. The accruing data bases cover large time series and are a reliable source for far reaching evaluation and control operations.

The METEOWARE-Software provides, among other things, evaluations of momentary values on screen or assures data transfer into measuring systems or to television stations. Modern communication technologies make contemporaneous and location-independent usage of measured values for live or freeze frame pictures as well as climate statistics possible.

The data logger TROPOS-100 is constructed for precipitation sensors with tipping bucket technology. It is fitted into the sensors. The software METEOWARE-RAIN is specialized for this purpose and reliably displays up-to-date and back-dated precipitation values as well as total amounts or mean values of precipitation incidents.

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