Barógrafo aneroide (290)

Nine capsules ...
make up an aneroid capsule set - the measuring element of the barograph. The carefully aged materials guarantee the highest long-term stability. LAMBRECHT adjusts the measuring ranges to the locations altitude, which encompass a range of 106.7 hPa. They can lie between 705...1241.7 hPa.

  • off the line and manipulation proof
  • precision mechanics measuring element
  • clearly arranged display of results on smear
    resistant registration charts
  • pressure measuring element with overload protection for
    transport to up to 2700 m altitude
  • white coating for protection against radiation influences
  • applicable world-wide and in a large temperature range

classical meteorology · shipping · chemical industry · calibration laboratories
· pharmaceutical industry · motor test stands


You can order the chart paper and recording pens fitting to the measuring device easily with our new order form for consumables. You will find the order form and more information regarding the order process here!




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