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Static wind sensor PREOS

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under the static sensors, specially designed for extreme environmental conditions. The sensor has no movable measuring elements and is for use in very high wind speeds of up to 65 m/s. This extremely robust and compact sensor has a high-quality, pollutant-resistant housing made of anodised aluminium.

  • without movable measuring elements
  • standard RS 422 interface with ESD protection
  • ASCII data protocol according to NMEA 0183
  • analogue output 4...20 mA for wind speed and wind direction
  • power supply 18...32 VDC with integrated overvoltage protection
  • integrated sensor head heating and heating ring in the base prevent build up of ice and snow at the sensor
  • simple, space-saving assembly
  • range of application: temperature -40...+70 °C heated (incl. Cold Climate applications) • wind speed 0...100 m/s • 0...100 % r. h.


Cold Climate standard 4…20 mA analog output Static wind sensor, no moving parts 70 W heating Sensor and housing parts made of aluminium NMEA data protocol

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  Static wind sensor PREOS
Id-No. 00.16440.014002
Measuring range wind direction: 0...360 ° • wind speed: 0.1...65 m/s
Accuracy wind direction: ± 3° • wind speed: ± 0.5 m/s ± 5% of the meas. value
Resolution wind direction: 1° • wind speed: 0.1 m/s
Output 4...20 mA for wind speed and wind direction
Protocol NMEA 0183 • WIMWV
Interface serial • RS 422/ talker • baud rate 4800 • 1 Hz (meas. cycle of 4 Hz) • 8 N 1
Strongest wind impact velocity 100 m/s
Supply voltage 18...32 VDC • max. 2.5 A • heating: 24 VDC/ 70 W (max. 3 A) • electr. controlled
Dimensions H 298 mm • Ø 108 mm • mast adapter Ø 50 mm for mounting on standard pipe
Housing aluminium • anodised • IP 66
Weight 1.5 kg
Options connectable to: Indicator unit e.g. (14742) METEO-LCD • Data logger e.g. met[LOG], Ser[LOG] and SYNMET-LOG
Accessories not included in scope of delivery: Mast and power supply unit • Visualisation and evaluation software "MeteoWare CS3"

Digital indicator METEO-LCD-IND

is very versatile and flexible. The high contrast display can be adjusted by a dimmer to the prevailing lighting conditions. The compact design proves to be very advantageous and cost efficient when mounted into control panels. The instruments are reliable and cross-linkable. They can, when series connected, display all 6 measured main parameters at the same time.

  • big, graphic, high-resolution display with background illumination
  • contrast and brightness adjustable
  • variety with waterproof front plate design
  • low mounting depth
  • galvanically separated supply and signal channels
  • momentary, mean and extreme values


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Data logger SYNMET-LOG

The perfect combination of the system's components offers a high degree of flexibility and reliability. The two-piece housing divides high quality electronics and installation. The galvanic separation of the measuring system, remote configuration and diagnosis are representative of a multitude of modern, future-proof features.

  • ring buffer for 1 year
  • freely configurable sensor inputs
  • 17 sensor channels
  • 43 virtual channels
  • able to communicate via Internet with a router*
  • LAN integration via Ethernet interface*
  • simultaneous communication with up to 10 users*

* Ethernet connection kit required


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